Mom’s Homemade Tortillas

Mom's Homemade Tortillas

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When I was little, my best friend used to sleep over my house for what seems like more weekends than not. I'm definitely not a morning person by nature, but she rose early every sleepover to wait in the kitchen for my mom's signature Mexican breakfast. The menu changes, but the staples are simple: eggs, salsa, beans, and of course her warm and fresh tortillas. Years later, you can now find my husband at the same breakfast counter early in the morning, already devouring one of his favorite meals.

The amazing thing about my mom's tortillas is that they can be used to complete or compliment so many different meals. She makes them in the morning to eat with breakfast, but will use extras later with her (again, amazing) carne guisada. Recipe coming soon! Now that I'm in Memphis and nearly 1,000 miles from my Floridian mama, I often crave her meals, all wrapped up in tortillas. Thankfully, my mom was generous enough to send me her recipe to share with you! So make, eat, enjoy, and please share the meal with people you love.


Click here on a mobile device to see my mom rolling her tortillas out!

Shortening used to be synonymous with lard, but now it tends to refer more to fake fats like Crisco. (Use real, grass-fed fats!) It's hard to find quality lard in some places, so we usually order this one from Thrive Market. For cooking the tortillas, I usually either go straight on our electric stovetop, or use this Lodge griddle that has a grooved side for grilling (handy in our apartment) and a smooth side for griddleing. New word! 

Hope y'all love my mom's tortillas as much as I do, though no one can love them like my husband does. Grab some salsa and some family and enjoy!