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About the blogger

Hi there! I'm Aryanna. Recent college grad and lover of all things natural, traditional, and wild. My wonderful husband Jordan and I are adjusting to our new life in Memphis, Tennessee, exploring city and nature as we go.

What you'll find find at blossoming brick


Blossoming Brick is a community of diverse people who all share a passion for living in beautiful symbiosis with our world. Under Food, you'll find nourishing recipes will get you excited to be in my favorite place in the house...the kitchen! Visit Health & Beauty for tips, recommendations, and real natural solutions to some common health issues so you can confidently support your body.

Conscious Living

I believe that our each of us can have a positive impact on the world when we're focused on our values and how we can bless others. Too often we're distracted by consumption or mindlessness, but our lives are made simpler and more impactful when we're living intentionally. Explore Slow and Ethical to learn about how things like fair trade goods and minimalism play a major role in my life.


Adventures is all about the great benefits that come with living in a real community! Visiting or local to the Memphis area? I want to spotlight this great city and everything it has to offer. In Placemaking, learn about what "urban planning" is and why it's so important to my family!