My Favorite Health Blogs

My Favorite Health Blogs

Part 1

Shaye Elliott has a homestead in North Central Washington, and blogs about life on the farm, complete with chickens, a cow, adorable kids, and delicious fresh-from-the-garden recipes.

Genevieve Howland, of the completely hilarious Crunchy Mama videos, writes on unconventional (but traditional!) wisdom for natural pregnancies and raising healthy kids. For those of us that don't have babies yet, she also has a lot of great information on everything from saunas to magnesium! Did I mention she's hilarious?

Lauren Geertsen uses her history of autoimmune disease to help readers use a nutrient-dense diet and non-toxic products to heal their own bodies. I highly recommend especially for those dealing with an autoimmune condition.

Trained in Chinese medicine, Emily Bartlett shares wisdom on herbal medicine, fitness, and even does "What Would Emily Do?" Q&A sessions with readers on this fun ocean-themed blog.

More to come!

When I started this post, I thought it'd be one and done, but there are just too many amazing people with wisdom to share! From more health blogs to sites about urban planning and fair trade fashion, definitely expect more great lists like this one.


Comment below if you've checked out any of these blogs, or if you have another recommendation!