Fall is Coming: Woodsy Men’s Cologne Recipe

Fall is Coming

Woodsy Men's Cologne

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I love fall. The changing leaves, the crisp air, the inexplicable ornamental gourds that seem to be all the rage in porch decoration...it's everything I dreamed fall would be like once I moved from season-less Florida to Tennessee, where the temperature actually goes below 80 degrees!


One of the things I actually appreciate most about the changing seasons is the new smells that accompany them. My husband says he notices the way the air smells more during the fall and winter, and I have to agree. The chilling air lends itself well to the comforting scents of falling foliage, which is why I wanted to share today a recipe that will keep those smells close to you. By making a special man in your life smell that way!




If you're married, I can guarantee that your husband will really appreciate a gift that's both thoughtfully handmade, and therefore way less expensive than buying a cologne. Plus, there's so many ways to personalize this so he can make it all his own!


When we first started dating, I gave my husband a homemade cologne for our first Christmas together, and he thought it was really cool that I made it myself. Of course, this is also a really great money-saving gift for dad or a brother!

Woodsy Cologne

  • 1 tbsp. witch hazel
  • 2 oz. spray bottle (dark glass, as light reacts with essential oils)
  • Filtered water
  • 10 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops peppermint essential oil

Simply add all ingredients to your spray bottle, then fill to top with the filtered water and shake! You can always tinker with the ratio of oils to your liking, but be careful with the peppermint, as that smell can get overpowering if you add too much in. Enjoy this woodsy, refreshing scent, and have fun with it! If you do stumble upon a great smell, comment below and tell me about it!

Where to Find the Oils


If you're looking for high-quality essential oils for anything from home beauty products like this, to aromatherapy uses, I really recommend the company Living Libations. Their products are all sourced with sustainable and fair-trade practices, and kept as pure and raw as possible. Check them out and you will love them as much as I do!