Baby Fever Board

Why I Have A "Baby Fever" Pinterest Board

And no baby

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably know that my Baby Fever board is the one I most frequently pin to. (If you don't already follow me, you can just click the P button up and to the right!) I've had this board going since before I got married, and I'm always updating it with great sources or essays I find on pregnancy nutrition, natural labor, practicing minimalism with children, and slow parenting.

The funny thing is that I don't even have kids yet! So now I might seem like a crazy person, obsessing about baby things when I'm still a few years out from starting my own family. But having this board is actually really important to me, for a few reasons. And here they are!

  • Health Preparation Matters

It seems like everything has an impact on pregnancy and the health of the baby, from our environment to the food we eat and how we handle stress. Since pregnant moms are providing nutrients for two lives, (eating a double portion of pizza is not what "eating for two" means) I want to start building up that nutrition now so that I'm not playing catch-up later. Plus, the health of both husband and wife play a huge role in their ability to conceive easily. That means future dads should be preparing too!

  • Parenting Styles Are Numerous

My husband and I were raised quite differently. I'd like to think that we both turned out pretty great, but our different experiences mean that we each have some opinions on how to parent that we can't assume we both share. Of course I'm not implying that all decisions from what diapers you'll use to when bedtime is should be made before even conceiving! That would be crazy and a little naïve, since no one can predict how they'll feel once they're actually a parent, or what their individual children will need. But being distant in decisions like how to discipline, religion, to school/homeschool/un-school, and other "big" ones are best dealt with early and gently, before the stress of those conversations is the last thing a pregnant mom needs!

  • We Want To Just Be Excited!

A lot of parents find out they're expecting (whether planned or...a little less so) and then start worrying about what they've been eating/drinking, products they should get rid of because of harmful chemicals, what they need to buy, what kind of pregnancy and birth they want, etc. It's a lot to think about and take care of in about 9 months, and that just gets you to a newborn! Then you have a lot of the parenting decisions I mentioned above...

Which is why I'm preparing now. My husband and I have a balanced and nutrient-dense diet that works for us, we use natural cleaners (like just vinegar and oils!), and we talk occasionally about parenting choices we want to make so that we're always on the same page. I could be totally mute for my entire delivery and he'd totally rock it out perfectly from doula to delayed cord clamping! We don't want to spend a time of excitement and anticipation just doing research and worrying about all that we have to do. With so many decisions already made and our bodies healthy, hopefully we can spend more time just being together in waiting instead of worrying.


I try not to naïvely believe that I, or anyone, could be truly ready for their first child before they arrive. Of course I expect to be scared or confused or lost or worried sometimes! But I've grown really close to my husband talking to him about who we'd like to be as a team of parents. Plans may change and we'll probably have to be willing to throw some things out the window once we see what being a parent is like. ("life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans") For now, we're excited and feel almost "ready", whatever that means.

Me, circa 1996